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Smart City:

“Smart city is where the data and information flow in digital environment and the virtual and physical objects in the city communicate in digital environment.”

Digital transformation of a city means becoming a "Smart City". Smart Cities owe their birth to the "Wireless Internet Network". However, today it is necessary for cities to be "Sustainable and Resilient" as well as being smart.


Briefly Smart Cities:

  • Traffic lights talk to vehicles,
  • The roads talk to autonomous vehicles,
  • Buses communicate with bus stops,
  • The garbage cans are in communication with the garbage collection vehicles,
  • Wi-Fi points are in communication with the public,
  • Empty car parks declare themselves,
  • The Internet is an infrastructure service,
  • All city-related data are shared with all stakeholders through the "Open Data Portal",
  • E-Government and e-Municipality services are delivered to all citizens 24/7,
  • They are places where there is a Public Governance based on people in line with the goal of being an Information Society.
  • The Process of Smart Cities:

  • Collecting city data through sensors and Information Systems,
  • Integration of data in the Urban Information System (UIS),
  • Using data analytics and science for forecasting.
  • Creation of the Urban Digital Twin.

    Factors Affecting the Formation of Smart Cities:

    There are many Dimensions, Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and Indicators that affect the formation of Smart Cities. 6 dimensions, 20 CSF and 406 indicators are used in the Province index ranking and maps on this site. The used dimensions and CSFs list can be accessed from the side menu.

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