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7.12.2022 Learn to Speak English....
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Learning to Speak English Subjects

No Subject Turkish Goal
1 Immigration and Customs Hava alanı Gümrüğünde Vocabulary relating to Customs and Immigration.
How to use simple, polite expressions with strangers.
How to talk about your travel arrangements.
How to use 'to be', 'to have', and 'to go'.
How to make common contractions.
2 Changing Money Döviz bozdurma Vocabulary associated with money and currencies .
How to ask simple "yes/no" questions.
How to count from one to one hundred.
How to use "to do," "some," and "any".
How to express what is happening.
3 Public Transportation Otele gitmek için vasıta Bulma Vocabulary associated with transportation to your hotel.
How to make comparisons between unlike things.
How to ask questions using "who," , "whom," "whose," "why," "when," "where," "what," , "which," and "how"
4 Checking into a Hotel Otele Yerleşme Vocabulary associated with checking into your hotel.
How to use expressions in relation to paying for something.
How to ask for directions.
How to politely command someone to do something for you.
How to count from 101 to one million.
How to indicate the order of a sequence with ordinal numbers
5 Using the Telephone Otelden telefon etme Vocabulary associated with making international calls.
How to state ideas using negatives.
How to express possession.
6 At a Restaurant Restaurantta sipariş verme Order a meal at a restaurant.
Talk about the weather.
Turn statements into questions.
Describe things using adjectives and adverbs.
7 Making an Appointment Randevu alma Vocabulary associated with finding an address.
How to make a business appointment over the phone.
How to tell time.
How to ask questions using negatives.
8 Asking Directions Yol veya adres sorma Vocabulary associated with planning a car trip.
How to indicate one' s need or necessity with "must," "have to," and "have got to".
How to express one's ability to do something with "Could".
9 A Business Lunch İş yemeği How to use "if... then" constructions.
About things to do and places to visit in a City.
10 An Invitation to Dinner Akşam yemeği davetinde Vocabulary associated with being a guest at a dinner.
How to indicate what you had done in the past.
How to communicate more effectively with infinitives.
11 Shopping at the Mall Mall'da alışveriş yapma Vocabulary associated with buying clothes at a department store.
How to point something out in relation to time and space.
How to use common two-word verbs.
12 Renting a Car Araba kiralama Vocabulary associated with renting a car at a car rental agency.
How to make singular nouns plural. 
How to Indicate amounts In general and specific terms.
13 Buying Gas Benzin alma Vocabulary associated with services available to you at a gas station.
How to indicate what you have been doing, had been closing, and will have been doing.
14 Shopping for Groceries Manavdan sebze ve meyva satın alma Vocabulary associated with shopping for groceries.
How to express what you were doing in the past.
How to express what you will be doing in the future.
15 Renting an Apartment Ev kiralama Vocabulary associated with looking for a place to live.
How to ask questions about the past.
Other ways to indicate possession.
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